WICANDERS Cork Floor Care

WICANDERS Cork Floor Care
Routine maintenance for Wicanders cork flooring should include regularly removing loose dirt and debris with a broom or vacuum cleaner that has a hard floor setting then dusting the floor with a microfiber dust mop like the one from Bona or a broom with a clean, dry cloth on the end to lift light dirt from the floor. For cleaning, use a cork approved floor cleaning product from brands like Bona and Loba. Always use a clean mop pad for streak-free results. NEVER flood the floor with water or cleaning solution and NEVER use a soaking wet mop.
Bona Professional Series Hardwood Floor Cleaner - 32oz Spray
Hardwood Floor Care
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BONA Hardwood
Residential Hardwood
Wicanders Cork Spray Cleaner
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Use quality walk-off door mats at each entrance to remove dirt and moisture or other abrasive substances before they come in contact with your Wicanders floor. In areas where water and spills and likely, such as near the kitchen sink and in bathrooms, use protective floor mats to avoid excessive wear and damage in these areas. Use of felt pads on furniture bases to minimize wear, especially for tables and chairs. During occassional moves of heavy equipment, such as kitchen appliances,use appropriate moving slides to reduce floor dents and gouges. Do not slide or drag heavy items across cork flooring.

Use caution when selecting cleaning and polishing products to care for Wicanders cork floors. Do not use oil soaps, silicone, wax, or ammonia based cleaning products that will damage and dull the finish of cork floors. Avoid the use of harsh, abrasive cleansers and do not use wire brushes or any stiff brush that might scratch the cork flooring. Avoid excessive moisture on the floor. Wipe up spills promptly and never flood the floor when mopping.