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Loba Spray Mop SetLoba Spray Mop SetLoba Spray Mop Set
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Spray and wipe clean Loba cork and wood flooring with ease by using the Loba® Spray Mop with Lobacare cleaner. Mop kit comes complete with mop assembly, mop pad and a 4 ounce bottle of concentrated cleaning solution for the care of cork and hardwood flooring that is finished with Loba's waterborne or UV cured finishes. The spray mop system from Loba care includes a durable, easy to assemble spray mop that provides a simple all-in-one floor cleaning solution to minimize the work.

To assemble the mop, click together the two-part handle, insert the removable resevoir and press the assembled handle onto the mop base until it snaps into place. Attach the mop pad by placing the cleaning pad, orange side down, on the floor then press the mop base onto the pad.

Fill the mop's resevoir with concentrated cleaning solution and the directed amount of water. Gently shake to mix before cleaning and you are ready to clean your floor.

The mop handle has a trigger to release cleaning solution from the resevoir onto the floor. Pull trigger to lightly mist the floor with cleaner then mop with a back and forth motion to lift dirt and sprayed cleaner.

It's a good idea to buy a quart size bottle of Loba Floor Cleaner for continued use in keeping your cork flooring bright and free of dirt. Keep extra mop pads on hand so there is always a clean one in the house.

Loba Floor Cleaner Concentrate Safety Data Sheet
Loba Floor Cleaner Concentrate Information and Use
Note: Loba microfiber mop NOT for use on Loba Oiled or Waxed floors.