LOBA® FloorCare Satin, 32oz

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Protective satin finish, easy to apply, to refresh finished cork and wood flooring. Waterborne formula requires just one coat and dries in 30 minutes for traffic. Loba FloorCare Satin, 32oz is intended for use without dilution and covers approximately 250 square feet. If you've used Loba Semi-Gloss to polish your floors in the past, switch to Loba FloorCare Satin to refresh your floors to a mid range shine.

For Use On: Finished wood, cork, resilient floor covering, linoleum, indoor stone tile. Always test a small, inconspicuous area prior to full use to ensure compatibility and desired results.

Directions For Use: Read complete label and directions for use prior to application.
  1. Shake well. Make sure material is at room temperature prior to application and that room is no less than 55 degrees Farenheit.
  2. Clean floor using Hardwood Floor Cleaner making sure the floor is free from, oils, waxes and dirt.
  3. Apply a thin coat of FloorCare satin with a terry cloth or microfiber mop or a T-bar applicator. Apply evenly. Avoid streaks, puddles and lap marks. Allow to dry for 30 minutes before allowing traffic.
  4. Allow 3 days curing before using any cleaners or maintenance products on freshly applied FloorCare Satin.
Maintenance After Full Cure:
Clean floor with wet cloth or mop only after full cure is reached. Do not clean with water or detergent during the first week. After one week we recommend the use of Hardwood Floor Cleaner.

Put walk-off mats at all entrance doorways to minimize dirt and grit. Sweep or vacuum daily and damp-wipe with Hardwood Floor Cleaner. Use felt pads under furniture legs and appliances. Place furniture and other heavy appliances carefully. Plasticizer containing materials e.g. carpet padding, furniture padding, chair rolls, elastic glues etc. could lead to softening and discoloration of the finish.

Do not thin. Do not add water.
Do not apply at temperatures below 55-degrees Farenheit. Make sure material is at room temperature. Always maintain adequate ventilation during all phases of the coating and drying process.
Cure/Dry times may vary depending on humidity and temperature.

Coverage: 250 square feet per quart