Loba Universal Floor Cleaner CONCENTRATE, 32oz

Loba Universal Floor Cleaner CONCENTRATE, 32ozZoom
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Product Description

Universal Cleaner Concentrate by Loba is designed to be used with the LOBA Spray Mop or as a refill for the 32oz Loba Spray bottle. Cleans all types of resilient and hard surface floors including solid & engineered hardwood, tile, stone, rubber, laminate, linoleum, cork and luxury vinyl. Water-based pH neutral formula provides a sustainable cleaning solution for your floors. Fresh Clean Scent.

Loba Floor Cleaner Concentrate Safety Data Sheet
Loba Floor Cleaner Concentrate Information and Use

  1. Dilute, in a spray bottle, 1:50 to 1:100 with water, depending on the cleaning strength required.
  2. Lightly spray the area you wish to clean.
  3. Use a microfiber mop to wipe the area clean and dry.
For commercial use, dilute using the same ratio for a floor scrubber machine.

Place mats at all entrances to minimize dirt. Sweep or vacuum daily and use the floor cleaner to damp-wipe. Use felt pads under appliances and furniture, and place them on the flooring carefully. Materials such as carpet and furniture padding and elastic glue can cause the finish to soften and discolor.

For floors finished with Loba FloorCare Satin or Semi-Gloss, DO NOT clean with detergent or water during the first week. Wait one week for flooring finish to completely cure prior to cleaning with Loba Floor Cleaner.

Dilution Ratios for cleaning are 1:50 through 1:100 with water. Adjust ratio, within this range, depending on cleaning strength required.

Coverage: 1 quart of concentrate makes 25 gallons of cleaner that's ready to use. A quart size bottle of concentrate that's been diluted with water will fill the 32-ounce spray bottle approximately 100 times.