Loba ParkettOil, 1-Quart

Loba ParkettOil, 1-QuartZoom
Mfr. Part No:LO-MA-007
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Product Description

High quality maintenance oil for use on oil finished hardwood floors. ParkettOil by Loba will extend the life of oiled wood flooring by replenishing the natural oils that protect the wood. The application of Loba ParkettOil maintains the natural low sheen beauty that is inherent in oil finished wood floors. Each 1-quart bottle of Lobacare Parkett Oil covers approximately 800 to 1,000 square feet. Coverage may vary depending on factors such as ambient conditions and frequency of application. A sample area should be prepared to ensure finished appearance provides desired results. Use Loba care ParkettOil on wood floors, including parquet, which have been treated with oxidizing oils.

Loba Parkett Oil:
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For new oiled floor application:
Clean the floor thoroughly to remove all dust and dirt by sweeping or vacuuming, and dust mopping with a dry dusting mop. Next, apply an even coat of ParkettOil using a lint-free cloth or a sponge. Wipe off excess oil as you work. Do not allow the oil to pool or puddle.

For floors with wear marks:
Clean thoroughly with LOBA Hardwood FloorCleaner. If necessary prepare the surface using a floor machine fitted with mildly abrasive pads (beige/green). Allow floor to dry completely before applying oil. Then evenly apply ParkettOil with a lint-free cloth or sponge. Wipe up excess oil. Do not allow pooling or puddling.

For larger flooring areas:
Parkett oil can be applied with a sprayer. For this method, spray ParkettOil onto the floor then buff the entire area using a floor machine fitted with a white pad.

General Application Notes:
  • For all applications of Loba ParkettOil, shake product well before use.
  • During application, be sure to apply oil evenly and at the recommended coverage rate per instructions. Avoid streaks, puddles and lap marks that will be evident after application.
  • Do not thin. Do not add water. Do not apply at temperatures below 55°F. Make sure material is at room temperature.
  • Always maintain adequate ventilation during all phases of the coating and drying process.
  • Not for use on non-absorbent surfaces including new floors that have been factory finished with UV oil.
Caution: Proper care must be taken with oil-soaked rags and/or sponges after oil application as these items may be spontaneously combustible. Follow product instructions for safe disposal along with local, state and federal guidelines for chemical waste.