Loba Replacement Mop Pad

Loba Replacement Mop PadZoom
Mfr. Part No:16252
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Product Description

Keep an extra mop pad on hand to replace the cleaning pad on your Loba mop when it gets dirty. Mopping with a dirty pad can leave streaks and residue. You want a clean floor so use a clean mop pad.

The Loba microfiber cleaning pad is durable quality for long lasting performance when cleaning your cork or wood flooring. Machine wash the mop pad after each use and lay flat to dry. Do not use fabric softener when washing the mop pad as it can leave a residue in the microfiber pad that will transfer to your floors. Taking care of your mop pads will make it last longer and it will clean your floor better many many times over.

One Loba mop pad per package.
Loba mop pad fits the Loba Spray Mop.