US Floors Oiled Wood

US Floors Oiled Wood
US Floors' Castle Comb and Natural Wood oiled wood flooring lines span residential and commercial markets. These oil wood floors are maintained with a specialized line of care products from Woca that help to maintain the natural luster of the floors when they are cleaned or refinished. Woca brand of oil for wood flooring has been around a long time, over 40 years, and the oil products are top quality making it the most trusted brand of oiled wood floor care products available.
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Routine cleaning for oiled wood is done with Woca Wood Soap and every few months clean with Woca Oil Refresher. Woca Wood Soap cleanses the floor with natural soaps and replenishes natural oils at the same time. Woca Oil Refresher adds extra oil on a periodic basis. Using the Woca Swep Mop, with its durable, self-wringing frame and cotton loop mop head will help to achieve the best application. Microfiber is not recommended because it will be too abrasive on the oil finished floor.

Woca Maintenance Oil or Woca Master Oil are intended for use after Woca Wood Cleaner (different than Woca Soap) when the oil finish has been removed in an occasional maintenance procedure.

Until you get used to it, the Woca care products may seem confusing. Contact us by phone or email and we'll help you select just the right products for your US Floors or USF Contract Oiled Wood flooring.