Woca Soap White ready-to-use Spray, 750-ml - for everyday maintenance

Woca Soap White ready-to-use Spray, 750-ml - for everyday maintenanceZoom
Mfr. Part No:510901A
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Product Description

WOCA White Soap, 750 ml (approx 25 oz) Spray, for routine cleaning small areas of Woca White or Extra-White Oil treated floors. The ready to use Woca Soap, White spray cleans and refreshes the oil finished floor to protect against water, dirt, and routine wear while adding just a bit of white pigment. Cleaning frequency with Woca Natural White Soap will depend on home or business facility and the amount of dirt buildup. Oiled hardwoods should be swept or vacuumed routinely, typically daily or weekly, and cleaned with WOCA wood soap only when necessary to clean dirty floors. Ready-to-use Woca White Soap Spray, 750-ml, will clean approximately 1000 square feet or more for floors that are routinely maintained.
  • Woca Soap Spray Technical Information Sheet.
  • SDS for Woca Soap Spray.
  • Residential or Commercial use.
  • DO NOT DILUTE. Woca Soap Spray is ready to use.
  • For extremely dirty floors use a concentrated Woca White Soap so the dilution can be mixed for stronger cleaning.
  • Clean mop pad with warm water and soap after cleaning floor.
  • Mop oiled wood floor with WOCA Soap approximately one week after initial oil application and 36 hours or more after re-oiling oiling. Reference specific Woca Oil instructions for wait time.
  • Sweep or vacuum the floor prior to cleaning with WOCA Soap to remove all loose dirt and dust.
  • An oiled floor needs cleaning with WOCA Soap only when dirty. In public areas, depending on heavy wear and dirt accumulation, follow a daily, weekly or monthly cleaning schedule.
Directions for Use:
  1. Gently shake spray bottle before use.
  2. Spray Wood Soap onto a small area of flooring.
  3. Wipe, using a back and forth motion with the grain of the wood, using a cotton mop pad on a flat mop, such as the Sh-wipe Cotton Mop Cover which fits most 17-inch or smaller flat mop bases, such as this 17 inch mop. Do NOT use microfiber mop pads.
  4. Repeat the process until the entire floor has been cleaned. Change mop pad when it gets too dirty to clean well.
  5. Floor will be dry in approximately 5 minutes.
  6. It is not unusual to see a "haze" on darker color wood floors after cleaning with Woca Soap. To remove haze, put a clean cotton cloth under a dust mop and polish away the haze.