Door Stops

Door Stops
Ideal for cleaning crews, janitorial staffs, moving companies and homeowners, our industrial-grade commercial door stops, door wedges and door chocks safely hold doors open so you can pass through to get jobs done quicker. We have door stops for every type of door, including heavyweight doors, as well as styles that grip to the floor. Door stops for cleaning are a useful for your janitorial staff or cleaning crew in schools, homes, corporate office buildings and more.
FatIvan Jr Door Chock with magnet
1877FloorGuy recommends the blue dense foam door wedges, which fit securely into the door hinge, for most types of doors, including overhead closing doors. Yellow Gripper Door Stoppers conveniently hook onto the side of your mop bucket for easy storage and access during floor cleaning. We are also now retailers of the heavy-duty hard plastic and metal FatIvan Jr. door chock that hooks onto the door hinge and contains a magnet that attaches the stopper to a metal doorframe or other metal surface when not in use.