MaxiPlus All-In-One Finishing Mop, 16in base

MaxiPlus All-In-One Finishing Mop, 16in baseZoom
Mfr. Part No:96957

Product Description

O-Cedar Mop kit with integrated liquid release system is an all-in-one floor finishing mop. MaxiPlus® All-In-One Finishing System works well with floor finish in the 28 oz removable resevoir tank. Use with the correct type of microfiber mop pad in a spray and wipe method of use (mop pad not included). Kit Includes mop handle, 16in base and 28oz removable tank for easy refilling.

Directions for Use: Fill the removable resevoir tank with up to 28 ounces of liquid floor finish. Attach an 18 or 19 inch blue microfiber mop pad for cleaning, or a finish applicator pad as appropriate, to the velcro attach base. To dispense liquid, pull the side control trigger then, using a back and forth motion, mop one small area of the floor at a time. Avoid walking and other traffic on floor until the area is dry. Continue working in small sections until the entire area is completed.

Note: Mop pad NOT included.