Oil Only Sorbent Pads - 15" x 19" Light, 100/carton

Oil Only Sorbent Pads - 15" x 19" Light, 100/cartonZoom
Mfr. Part No:S-12889
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Product Description

In facilities where oil spills are likely, protect the floor with light duty sorbent pads that will absorbs oils, fuels and petroleum-based products while repelling water. Ideal for small spills or catching oil drips in an automotive garage. Each pad is 15x19 inches and perforated up the center. Sold by the carton. Each carton contains 100 oil only sorbent pads for catching light grease spills.

Each pad:
  • 15" x 19"
  • Single-ply 1/8-inch thick polypropylene.
  • Absorbs all oils, oil-based fluids and solvents.
  • Can be used with hydrochloric acid or fluid.
  • Fire resistant, not fire retardant.
  • Floats indefinitely, even when saturated.
  • Can be placed on either side, there is no top or bottom.
  • Not designed for use with highly acidic or highly aggressive chemicals.
  • Not reusable.
  • Not slip resistant.
Use Guide: Common Industrial Fluids & the Sorbent Pads to Use

Dispose of used pads appropriately. This item does not require an SDS sheet.
Shelf life is 6-9 months when exposed to UV Light.
Helps to comply with 29 CFR 1910.22(a)(2) for maintaining floors in a clean, dry condition. Not USDA or FDA approved.
100 pads per carton.