Compact Mop Cart w/ Two Buckets Front-Back

Compact Mop Cart w/ Two Buckets Front-BackZoom
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Compact commercial mopping cart with 2-buckets for flat mop cleaning with velcro attach or pocket-frame tab mop pads. Cart is 24" square with non-marking casters for easy movement. Cart set includes tubular metal frame, wire basket to hold cleaning supplies, two removable 6-gallon buckets sized to hold flat mop pads. The two buckets sit front and back on this compact cart. One bucket is blue for mop pads soaked with cleaning solution. The second bucket is black or grey for discard mop pad after use. This small sized cart makes it easy to avoid cross-contamination of dirty and clean mop pads ensuring the best possible sanitary conditions on facility floors.

Balanced cart is constructed with a strong tubular metal frame and heavy-duty plastic buckets to hold up to routine commercial use. Attachment wire basket is sized to fit standard spray bottles. Wire rings, on the sturdy cart frame, hold mop handles securely. This cart pairs well with tab mop system.

Use this double bucket mop cart in Healthcare Facilities, Education/Schools, Institutional Settings, Office Buildings & other commercial facilities.