• Vintage Hardwood Floor Maintenance Kit
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Vintage Hardwood Floor Maintenance Kit
Mfr. Part No:98AC809
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Product Description

The Vintage Wood Floor Care kit comes with everything you need to care for your Vintage Wood Flooring.

The Vintage wood flooring cleaner works great on all your wood floors.

Vintage Hardwood floor Cleaner is specially formulated to clean all unwaxed polyurethane finished wood floors like Vintage Wood Urethane Finish.

Vintage wood floor cleanerwill not leave a dulling residue.

Vintage Hardwood floor cleaner is specially formulated for cleaning all types of wood floors coated with a clear unwaxed finish. Vintage Wood Cleaner is designed to be used full-strength as packaged, do not dilute.


1. Always vacuum or sweep your Vintage Wood Floor before cleaning your Vintage wood floor to pick up loose dirt.

2. Lightly mist a 4'x6' area of your wood floor with the Vintage cleaner, or directly mist micro fiber mop cover.

3. Using the Vintage or Bona mop, wipe using a back and forth motion. Finish one area before moving on to the next. For stubburn spots, rubber heel marks or sticky spills, spray Vintage wood cleaner directly on these areas and wipe clean with a clean cloth or your microfiber mop. When mop covers become soiled, replace with clean ones. Use as needed depending on household traffic.