SPARTAN Commercial Floor Care

SPARTAN Commercial Floor Care
Spartan Chemical Company, Inc. is a leader in industrial & commercial floor care including environmentally preferable, green cleaning products that support sustainability. For eco-friendly Spartan floor care products, reference the Spartan Sustainable Products guide that comes directly from Spartan.
Included in the Spartan full line of commercial resilient floor cleaners, finishes and finish removers are specialized products such as No-Charge Cleaner and No-Charge Floor Finish for static-controlled environments as well as The Fixx High-Solids Finish and Sealer specifically for high traffic environments that are maintained frequently.

Several flooring brands recommend the use of Spartan products to maintain their floors including ROPPE and Johnsonite.

For more information on brand-specific uses for Spartan cleaners and maintainers or for expert advice about what you need to maintain your facility's floors, be sure to reach out to us. 1-877-FloorGuy is our name, phone number and our web address-