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Spartan TriBase® Multi-Purpose Cleaner, 1 Gallon

A BioRenewable product that can be used to clean a variety of surfaces not harmed by water. Intended for routine or heavy-duty cleaning in autoscrubber, with mop and bucket or spray and wipe system.
Meets the Green Seal™standard for industrial and institutional cleaners based on its reduced human and environmental toxicity and reduced volatile organic compound content. Contains 72% bio-based, renewable materials as tested by a USDA Approved testing facility. Phosphate free. Biodegradable. No VOCs.

For Use On: Surfaces not harmed by water including floors, walls, glass, tile.

Light Cleaning- 1:64 2 oz per gallon of water
Glass Cleaning- 1: 128 1 oz per gallon of water
Damp Mopping- 1:128 to 1:32 1 oz - 4 oz per gallon of water
Degreasing or Deep Scrubbing- 1:16 8 oz per gallon of water

Directions For Use:
Prior to use, read product label and MSDS for safety precautions and proper application. Note: Cold water recommended for dilution.
Floor Cleaning Using Mop and Bucket or Auto Scrubber: Fill bucket or auto scrubber using dilution rate indicated for intended type of cleaning. Mop or auto scrub. Pick up soil and excess cleaner with clean mop. Rinse mops frequently and change solution as needed. Two-bucket system recommended for mopping.
For Deep Scrub before floor finish Recoating: Dilute according to desgreasing or deep scrubbing ratio and apply liberally to the floor. Scrub with blue, green or red pad. Pick up excess solution with wet-dry vac and rinse with clear water. Once the floor is dry, it can be recoated with floor finish.
Dispensing from the SAM Press & Fill Chemical Management System: For heavier soils, a higher concentrate of product may be required. Use additional metering tips provided with dispenser to obtain the desired dilution.
Light-Duty Cleaning: Spray surface and wipe with sponge, mop or other cleaning cloth.
Glass Cleaning: Spray surface and wipe dry with a clean cloth.
Medium-Duty Cleaning/Degreasing: Spray surface and wipe with sponge, mop or other cleaning cloth.
Heavy-Duty Cleaning/Degreasing: Spray surface and wipe with sponge, mop or other cleaning cloth.

TriBase Multipurpose Cleaner Safety Data

Additional Information: Spartan TriBase Multipurpose Cleaner Product Data

Specifically recommended for use on the following floor brands:
(Check compatibility with specific flooring material prior to use.):
Johnsonite (Tarkett Commercial Flooring)