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Spartan N/C No Charge® Static Dissipative Floor Finish, 5 Gallon

Designed specifically for finishing ESD floors, NC No Charge contains proprietary thermoplastic polymers, resins and waxes that reduce static electricity on the floor. Exceeds 'Mil Spec' static decay time standards of less than 2 seconds. Meets ASTM Standard in both low and high humidity environments. UL Approved for slip resistance that meets or exceeds 0.5 static coefficient of friction as determined by UL testing, ASTM Method D 2047.

N/C No Charge should not be treated as a typical finish. Unlike traditional finish, N/C Finish is not intended to add gloss or beauty but to reduce the resistivity of the floor. Facilities that use this finish should take regular readings for resistivity requirements to ensure the floor stays within required specification for resistivity. If the facility does not have a specification or does not take regular floor readings, it is likely that antistatic finish is not required. Be advised that NC NoCharge performs different than conventional floor finishes. A test patch is strongly recommended. Cleaning procedures and water usage are vastly different on an anti static finished floor as compared to traditionally finished floor.

For Use On: Specialized finish specifically for use on conductive floor tiles in facilities that require resistivity levels below the level obtainable with traditional finish. Always test a small, inconspicuous area of floor prior to full use.

Directions For Use:
Prior to use, read product label and MSDS for safety precautions and proper application.
Initial Application: Strip all old wax or floor finish completely from floor. Apply two to three uniform coats of floor finish. Allow each coat of finish to dry a minimum of forty-five minutes before applying the next coat. High humidity and/or cold temperatures will greatly extend dry times. Note: It is imperative to allow each coat of finish to dry before applying the next.

Only apply 2 or 3 coats. Less than two coats or more than three coats will result in resistivity outside the limits traditionally specified. More finish is not better. Allow significant dry time between coats. Facilities that require N/C Finish will have extremely tight temperature and humidity controls. Usually, temperature is low and humidity is high, which causes extended dry times. Do not over apply and do not rush coats. Application rates of 2000- 3000 sq. ft./gal are mandatory. Dry time between coats can last well over an hour, depending on the specific conditions of the room.

Maintenance: Dust floors regularly. If wet cleaning is necessary, always use N/C No Charge Static Dissapative Floor Cleaner. Do not over wet the floor. Lightly damp mop or spray and mop clean. Deep scrub and re-coat, or completely strip and reapply N/C No Charge Static Dissipative Finish, as needed.

Do not use excessive water. The antistat agent in the NoCharge floor finish is extremely hydrophilic ("water loving") and will quickly leach from the floor when exposed to moisture. The floor will take on a whitened, blotchy or streaked appearance if overexposed to liquid. Most ESD sensitive facilities are clean room environments that should require very little wet cleaning. Overexposure to water will cause resistivity readings to drop out of specification and finish recoating is the only solution to restore the integrity of the floor's finish.

Do not auto scrub, burnish or buff. Do not use any cleaners other than N/C No Charge Static Dissipative Floor Cleaner.

Coverage: 2,000 to 3,000 square feet per gallon depending on application method and porosity of floor.

Safety Data for Spartan No Charge Floor Finish

Product Details: Spartan No Charge Finish Product Data

Specifically recommended for use on the following floor brands:
(Check compatibility with specific flooring material prior to use.):
Johnsonite (Tarkett Commercial Flooring)