Mannington Resilient Floor Care

To maintain your Mannington Resilient flooring (resilient floors are also known as vinyl or sheet vinyl)- Sweep regularly to remove loose dirt and debris. Occasionally mop clean with Mannington Award SeriesŪ Cleaner, diluted according to instructions. To restore gloss, apply Mannington Award SeriesŪ Polish. After several applications of polish or for excessive dirt build-up, stripping and reapplication of polish may be necessary. Use Mannington Award SeriesŪ Heavy Duty Cleaner and Stripper, diluted according to instructions, then apply Mannington Award SeriesŪ Polish to restore the shine.

Floors will be slippery when wet, use extreme caution. All high-gloss floors will lose shine over time. Mannington NatureFormŪ Collections are low-gloss floors. Use polish on low-gloss floors only if you wish to make the floor shiny. If stripping is required, floor will be slippery during and after the process until finish is reapplied and dry.
Protect floors with masonite or other hard boards when moving heavy furniture or appliances. Use wide-bearing, non-staining floor protectors on furniture. Use non-staining doormats at exterior entrances to prevent loose dirt and debris, as well as asphalt and driveway sealer, from tracking inside.