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Mannington ScratchEraserMannington ScratchEraser
Mfr. Part No:806227
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Product Description

ScratchEraser by Mannington is a repair pen for fixing superficial scratch marks on luxury vinyl floors. It works in 3 easy steps, and just 15 seconds to help reduce the appearance of floor scratches on Mannington Adura, Realta, and Foundations LVT as well as on Restoration Collection floors per product label. This felt tip pen-style scratch repair is intended for use on floors that have a urethane wearlayer to minimize the appearance of scratches. This easy to use, quick drying touch up pen will not improve the appearance of all scuff and scratch marks.
  • To use, shake the pen then press the felt tip over the scratch. Let the solution sit on the scratch for 10 to 15 seconds. Wipe with a clean damp rag in direction with the grain.
  • Safety Data Sheet
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  • Tip: For best results, use a plastic scraper, such as the edge of a credit card, to remove loose edges of the scratch mark and wipe the area clean before using the ScratchEraser.