JOHNSONITE Linoleum Care

JOHNSONITE Linoleum Care
Johnsonite is the commercial brand for the Tarkett Group and is a leading flooring manufacturer worldwide. Johnsonite linoleum, a commercial-use flooring product, is made with natural, raw materials and features a proprietary finish that's sustainable, easy to maintain and good-looking. Choose a Johnsonite floor cleaner that will take care of stubborn stains and dirt buildup without compromising the quality of the linoleum or finish. Johnsonite brand recommended cleaning and maintenance products can be found on Johnsonite's Recommended Maintenance Products List and effective environmentally friendly products on Johnsonite Green Maintenance Products.
Diversey WIWAX Cleaning & Maintenance Emulsion, 1 Gallon
Commercial Floor Care
$57.70, 4/$207.72
1877FloorGuy carries a variety of Johnsonite-approved floor cleaners and maintenance products to help you keep your Johnsonite linoleum floors looking as good as new. Johnsonite recommends Diversey floor care products, especially Diversey neutral cleaners, for use in commercial and institutional environments. Johnsonite linoleum floors may be cleaned with eco-friendly cleaners that don't contain harmful chemicals or contribute to environmental pollution. Look for Green Seal Certified products if you want a cleaner that meets rigorous environmental standards.

Questions regarding the use of maintenance products on Johnsonite floors can be directed to 1877FloorGuy's experienced customer service team (by e-mail at or phone at 1-877-356-6748).