Hillyard One Plus Zinc Free Finish, 1 Gallon

Hillyard One Plus Zinc Free Finish, 1 GallonZoom
Mfr. Part No:HIL0052706
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Product Description

Zinc-free, high solids floor polish delivers a deep gloss shine to withstand scuffs and scratches and contains no heavy metals. Hillyard One Plus Zinc Free Finish, 1 Gallon is Green Seal certified for industrial and institutional floor-care based on its reduced human and aquatic toxicity and reduced smog production potential. The no-heavy metal floor finish also means no issue for sewage treatments facilities.

For Use On: Resilient and Hard Surface floors in schools, offices, hospitals, shopping malls.

Directions For Use:
Always read full product information, label and MSDS prior to use and test in a small inconspicuous area before full application.
  1. Prepare the floor: Strip any polish off the floor. (Note: Do not use abrasive pads on tile containing asbestos.) Remove stripping solution with a wet vac. Rinse and pick up excess water and solution with a wet vac or autoscrubber. Damp mop twice. Allow floor to dry.
  2. Application: Apply 3 coats of ONE PLUS Floor Finish with a clean synthetic applicator mop allowing a minimum of 30 minutes between coats. Additional coats may be applied, provided adequate dry time (at least one hour) is allowed between coats. Temperature, humidity, and air movement affect curing time.
  • One Plus Finish can be used as its own sealer, even on porous flooring surfaces. Allow proper dry-time between coats (minimum 30 min) to prevent pulling or streaking with any polish.
  • Do not pour unused polish back into container.
  • Best results are obtained with adequate ventilation and floor temperatures above 60°F (16°C).
  • Classified by Underwriters Laboratories as to slip resistance (186S).

  • Safety Data: Hillyard One Plus® MSDS

    Additonal Information: One Plus® Product Data Sheet