Hillyard Super Shine-All Neutral Cleaner, 1 Gallon

Hillyard Super Shine-All Neutral Cleaner, 1 GallonZoom
Mfr. Part No:HIL0014006
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Product Description

Gym floor court cleaner (Court Clean TKH400), neutral pH, gently cleans and preserves coated gym floors, hard surface & resilient floors for a shiny ready to use clean floor that can be burnished for added shine. Used regularly, Super Shine-All® provides improved traction for your athletes on gymnasium and on other commercial resilient and hard surface floors including vinyl, asphalt tile and terrazzo. Concentrated, neutral pH formula won't harm your floor finishes and is intended for routine cleaning of coated floors. Use in a damp mopping program to clean and protect the sheen of facility floors. Adds shine. No rinsing required. Green Seal Certified. Quick penetrating action. Controlled sudsing. Emulsifies fats and oils for easier removal. Biodegradable. Phosphate free. Sassafras scent. Use with mop and bucket or autoscrubber.
  • Dilute 1:128 for light cleaning with damp mop or autoscrubber, 1:42 for normal damp mopping.
  • Autoburnish with automatic scrubber or damp mop & bucket, dilute 1:42. Let dry after cleaning, do not rinse, then polish with neutral polythermal pads under high speed floor machine, 1000rpm or greater.
  • Only rinse floor after cleaning with Hillyard Super ShineAll if polish or other finish is going to be applied.
  • NSF Category A-4 Authorized.
  • Certified Kosher.
  • Use On: Resilient Tile, Asphalt Tile, Vinyl Flooring, Synthetic Floors, Terrazzo, Quarry tile, Paver Brick, Natural Stone and Coated Gymnasium Floors.
  • Safety Data: Hillyard Super Shine All Neutral Cleaner SDS
  • Technical Data: Super Shine-All Product Information Sheet