Hillyard H.R. 2000

Hillyard H.R. 2000Zoom
Mfr. Part No:HIL0053806
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Product Description

High gloss floor shine restorer that is ideal for ultra-high speed floor burnishing programs. Hillyard H.R. 2000 provides a deep glossy floor shine while it protects and resists powdering during burnishing. Excellent performance over a well established base coat in high traffic areas to minimize heel marks and scuffing. Durable formula protects and extends time between floor recoating procedures. H.R. 2000 contains no heavy metals making it an excellent choice in a zinc-free floor maintenance program.

  • Resists powdering from the heat and friction of burnishing.
  • Contains no heavy metals.
  • Use with Hilyard One Plus Floor Finish or other recommended Hillyard flooring finishes for best results.

Follow Hillyard's instructions for use and maintenance. For optimum results, establish a good base coat with HILLYARD ONE PLUS or other recommended commercial Hillyard flooring finishes.

To maintain floor, dust mop daily with an appropriate damp mop system or use HILLYARD ASSURANCE or TOP CLEAN in an autoscrub cleaning routine, as needed, before using Hillyard H.R. 2000.

To Apply:
MOPPING METHOD FOR 1000 TO 3000+ RPM MACHINES - Dilute one part H.R. 2000 to four parts water and apply thin film. When dry, burnish with high speed machine equipped with high speed pad. For battery or electric machines, use HILLYARD 100-D neutral polythermal pads. For propane machines, use HILLYARD beige polythermal pads.
SPRAY METHOD FOR 175 -1500 RPM MACHINES - Dilute one part H.R. 2000 to one part water and apply with a pump-up type sprayer or spray bottle. Spray light mist to small area and immediately buff. For 175 RPM machines, use a red pad. For 1000-1500 RPM machines use a HILLYARD beige polythermal pad.
AUTO-BURNISH METHOD FOR AUTOMATIC SCRUBBERS - Dilute 3 ounces of H.R. 2000 to each gallon of water. Autoscrub floor area to be treated. Let dry and burnish to a high gloss using floor machines of 1000 RPM speed or higher equipped with Hillyard beige polythermal floor pad. DUST MOP FLOOR IMMEDIATELY AFTER FINAL BUFFING OF H.R. 2000 USING SUPER HIL-TONE OR HIL-MIST TREATED DUST MOP.