Hillyard Super Grease Buster, 1 Gallon

Hillyard Super Grease Buster, 1 GallonZoom
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Fast acting cleaner for removing kitchen grease, fats and oils and auto grease in repair shops or showrooms. Hillyard SUPER GREASE BUSTER® Cleaner Degreaser, 1-gallon, is a concentrated commercial cleaning solution for use on washable surfaces including floors made of ceramic tile, terrazzo, and concrete. If you previously used Hillyard Green Select Degreaser Cleaner, which is no longer available, switch to Hillyard Super Grease Buster for cleaning through tough greasy messes.

NSF Category A-1 Rated.
Certified Kosher.

Hillyard Super Grease Buster can be used to clean fats, oils and cooking grease from washable surfaces in kitchens and food processing areas, and to remove oil and grease from automobile parts & garage equipment. This hard working cleaning solution also removes tough soap scum & film from locker room shower areas. Cleans Concrete Floors. Contains no butyl. Phosphate-free. Nonflammable. Biodegradable. DO NOT USE ON GLASS.

Hillyard Super Grease Buster is a good alternative to Hillyard Green Select Degreaser Cleaner (HIL0096606) which is no longer available.

For Use On: Ceramic Tile, Concrete, Terrazzo, Tables, Equipment, Walls and most other washable surfaces. Not for use on glass. Approved for use on all surfaces in all departments of federally inspected egg, meat, poultry and rabbit plants.

Directions for Use:
To remove fats, oils and cooking greases from all washable surfaces in kitchens and food processing areas (clay tile, concrete, terrazzo floors, walls, tables, etc.):
Remove heavy soil from surfaces and equipment manually or with high pressure sprayer and hot water. Dilute 1:20 (6 oz/gallon of hot water) and apply by mopping, spraying, or wiping. Scrub surface with floor machine, sponge, brush or cloth. Pick up solution and rinse with clean, hot water.
To remove oil, grease and carbon from automobile motors, parts and garage equipment: Dilute 1:2 (64 oz/gallon of water). Spray entire surface thoroughly. Let stand for one minute, then flush with water. Removal of soap scum, film and other debris on locker rooms and shower stalls: Dilute 1:4 (32 oz/gallon of water).
General cleaning of concrete, terrazzo, and ceramic tile floors: Dilute 1:128 (1 oz/gallon of water). Rinse with water, mop dry. Dilute 1:20 (6 oz/gallon of water) for use in automatic scrubber; remove soiled cleaning solution and rinse thoroughly with clean water.
Cleaning on latex wall paint: Dilute 1:128 (1 oz/gallon of water) Test cleaning solution on an inconspicuous area for effect on paint before using. DO NOT PROCEED if adverse effects occur.

  • In Federally inspected meat and poultry plants, follow all usage with a thorough potable water rinse.

  • Safety Data: Hillyard Super Grease Buster MSDS

    Additional Information: Super Grease Buster Product Data Sheet