GLITSA Hardwood Floor Care

GLITSA Hardwood Floor Care
If you're wondering "what is Glitsa floor finish?" here's a little background. Since the 1950s, Glitsa has been developing superior floor cleaning and finishing products. This includes their popular Swedish formula finish for sealed no-wax hardwood flooring. They're innovators in the wood finishing industry and offer eco-friendly products that bring out the wood's natural beauty while providing the best protection. Glitsa Clean, a water-based, pH balanced wood floor cleaner, is one of their flagship products. It removes tough dirt and grime while leaving floors perfectly clean with no residue. It's available in different sizes, and it's included in the Glitsa cleaning kit.
Glitsa Clean Hardwood Floor Cleaner, 32oz Spray
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This item is no longer available.
Glitsa Clean Hardwood Floor Cleaner CONCENTRATE, 1 Quart
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Whether you're a homeowner, contractor or owner of a commercial business, you'll want to protect one of the key elements of your investment, your wood floors, with these premium Glitsa floor maintenance products. is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality floor care products, deep knowledge of floor maintenance and timely service. If you need help deciding which products are right for your floors, contact our trained staff. All phone calls and emails are answered by our employees who are experts in floor care, and you may even hear from the owners themselves. We like hearing from our customers, so give us your feedback!