Tandus-Centiva Residential & Commercial Floor Care

Tandus-Centiva Residential & Commercial Floor Care
Clean, maintain, strip and finish your Tandus Centiva LVT -both residential and commercial- with CENTI maintenance products by Tandus Centiva, a Tarkett Company. CENTI's all-inclusive line of floor care products will keep your Centiva luxury vinyl flooring looking its best. From neutral cleaning solutions in small and large sizes to all in one cleaner-maintainer, the CENTI line fits any size flooring maintenance job in your home or business. In addition to CENTI, Tandus Centiva approves specific floor cleaning and maintenance products from Diversey to safely clean and protect Centiva LVT.
CENTI Clean, 32-Ounce
$20.10, 6/$108.54
CENTI Clean, 1-Gallon
$39.05, 4/$140.60
$172.70, 2/$310.86
CENTI Maintain, 32-Ounce
$22.40, 6/$120.96
$59.35, 4/$213.68
CENTI Strip, 1-Gallon
$56.45, 4/$203.24
CENTI Finish, 1-Gallon
$71.70, 4/$258.12
CENTI Finish, 5-Gallon
$344.40, 2/$619.92
Diversey WIWAX Cleaning & Maintenance Emulsion, 1 Gallon
Commercial Floor Care
$54.95, 4/$197.84
Diversey CAREFREE MATTE Floor Finish, 5 Gallon
$204.80, 2/$368.64
CENTI floor stripper and finishes, will effectively rejuvenate the quality and appearance of your Centiva flooring. Many of these formulas are eco-friendly and do not contain zinc, phosphates, APEO, phthalates or heavy metal. Tandus Centiva-recommended cleaners, by top floor cleaning brands, will help you remove the dirtiest grime from your Centiva floors at home or in a business setting. Centiva recommends choosing CENTI or Diversey flooring maintenance products as a part of your Centiva floor cleaning program.

You may want to invest in preventive floor protection products along with your Centiva cleaner order from 1877FloorGuy. We recommend furniture Sliders, Floor Savers, heavy-duty felt pads and more, especially in schools and corporate environments for Tandus Centiva Vinyl Flooring products. We carry commercial mops and mop pads to help you safely implement your Centiva cleaning system while protecting your investment.