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Protect Your Floor with Furniture Floor Protectors and Moving Slides

Metroflor includes, in their maintenance information, directions about how to protect luxury vinyl tile and plank from scratches and nicks caused by moving furniture and equipment across the floor. The use of protective soft pads on furniture, moving slides as needed and entry door mats at exterior entrances is included within their flooring maintenance directions. Using soft protectors, such as felt pads, will reduce the amount of friction on the floor from furniture items or equipment that move frequently such as chairs or large trash receptacles. Felt pads for tables and chairs are made with a few different types of attachment methods including adhesive backings and various types of wrap around grips. Moving aids, that keep large items from scratching the LVT floor during a move, have non-slip top surfaces and felt undersides for smooth use and easier moving. On the other end of the spectrum, gripper pads can be used to keep a furniture object in place without damaging the LVT flooring, when the intent is for the piece to stay in place. When it comes to buying protective furniture pads or moving glides, look to buy heavy duty, quality pads that will stand up to frequent or heavy use. The products for sale here are commercial-quality for use in a home or business and will do a good job of protecting your floor.