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Metroflor Care & Maintenance Products

Prevail by Metroflor has flooring maintenance products, such as cleaners and floor finishes, and installation accessories, including spacers and tapping blocks, for use with all Metroflor brands including Metroflor LVT, Engage, Engage Genius, Konecto, Artistek, Hybrid, Starloc and Aspecta. Find Metroflor’s maintenance instructions and safety data sheets for Prevail cleaning and care products. Conveniently buy the cleaning formula, flooring finish or specialty products you need to care for your Metroflor LVT or plank flooring.

Prevail Floor Cleaners & Finish Stripper: Prevail by Metroflor cleaning products include routine cleaning formulas and spot cleaning sprays for specific types of stains. Prevail Stripper is for use to remove the Prevail flooring finish from Metroflor LVT as indicated in the Metroflor flooring maintenance instructions.

Prevail Floor Finishes: Choose the Prevail gloss level - Matte or Gloss - that best accentuates your Metroflor Flooring.

Prevail Installation Tools & Accessories: Take the guesswork out of finding the right tools for installing Metroflor Luxury Vinyl Floors with Prevail tools and accessories, including Grip Strip Adhesive.

Heavy Duty Self-Stick Felt Furniture Floor Protector Pads:

Heavy Duty Tap-In Felt Furniture Pads

Gripper No-Slip Furniture Floor Protector Pads:

Clear Sleeve Felt-Tip Furniture Floor Protectors:

Formed Felt Floor Saver Furniture Protectors:

Slip-On Floor Saver Furniture Protector Pads:

Slip-Over Floor Saver Furniture Protector Pads:

Wrap Around Felt Pads for Sled-based & Stacking Chairs:

Felt-bottom Furniture Moving Slides for Hard Surface Floor:

Felt Strips & Squares, Self-Sticking, for Flat Sled-based Chairs and Misc: