Woca Maintenance Paste Natural, 14-Ounce

  • Woca Maintenance Paste Natural, 14-Ounce
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Product Description

WOCA (TRIP TRAP) TOP COAT INSTRUCTIONS When top coat is applied using Maintenance Oil Paste.

+Coverage will be 325 - 350 sq. ft. per tube of Maintenance Oil Paste on newly oiled floors and 750 - 1200 sq. ft. per tube on factory oiled floors.

+If you are working on an older, previously oiled or new factory oiled floor, the floor must be prepped with WOCA Wood Cleaner prior to applying oil paste, in order to remove any dirt from the floor.

+Keep a piece of cardboard available to rest tools and wet pads on.

+Do not walk on the oil paste with sneakers, put plastic shopping bags over your shoes.

+Work corners, along walls and door frames by hand.

+Change or flip over pads and polishing cloths when they become tacky or dirty.

+Work in sections of no more than 100 sq.ft. at a time. Each section should be completed before continuing.

+Oil soaked rags can self- ignite. Place rags in a bucket of water or in metal container with a lid. Allow pads to dry before discarding.

* Squirt a thick 3 foot bead of WOCA Oil Paste in the center of the starting area, staying well away from the nearest wall.

* With a white 3M pad under a 175 rpm buffer in the starting area, work the buffer slowly across the oil paste. Work the paste with the edge of the pad. Do not put the pad directly on top of the paste. As the pad becomes saturated, start spreading the paste. You will see instant results. Buff slowly across the work area and back toward you until you can see that the paste does not continue to spread. Work slowly toward the walls. Add paste as needed to complete the work area. Continue to buff the area until there is a minimum of paste residue left on the floor.

* Shut off the buffer on the work area. Walk as far away from the work area as necessary to see the results. Note any dry spots. Walk over to these spots and squirt more paste.

* Buff these spots and spread outwards until the paste residue is gone.

* Shut off the buffer on the work area. Walk away from the area to see your work. Squirt more paste on dry spots if necessary and buff. When you are satisfied that the floor has an even sheen, shut off the buffer on the work area. When removing the pad, place it on the cardboard. If you rest your wet pad on bare wood, you will leave a noticeable circle. This will come off later but will take extra buffing and more of your time.

* Place a WOCA Polishing Cloth under the white pad. Polish the work area across the wood grain, then along the grain. This will remove excess paste and maintain a matte finish. For a slightly higher sheen, polish the work area one last time using a clean white pad only.

* Repeat the process until the entire floor is done. When you shut off the buffer for the last time, you will probably leave a noticeable circle where the buffer sits. Be sure to buff this out by hand before leaving.

* Allow the oiled floor 36 hours to fully harden. Water and dirt should be kept off of the floor during this time. After 5 to 6 hours it is ok to allow foot traffic. If you expect heavy traffic, cover all or part of the floor for at least 36 hours, avoiding the use of plastic.

TIP: If, when polishing the floor, the buffer becomes jerky and you have a hard time keeping the white pad/polishing cloth centered under the buffer, you are either spreading the paste too thickly or the cloth needs changing. If the cloth is tacky, either flip it over or replace it. If the paste is too thick, sprinkle a few drops of WOCA Solvent across the work area and continue buffing with the polishing cloth/white pad. The solvent will loosen the paste, making the removal of any excess paste easier and quicker.

+Coverage will be 325 - 350 sq. ft. per tube of Maintenance Oil Paste on newly oiled floors and 750 - 1200 sq. ft. per tube on factory oiled floors.

+It will take about 3.5 hours per 1000 sq. ft. on newly oiled floors and 2 hours per 1000 sq. ft. on factory oiled floors.

+You should expect to use 3 white pads and 3 - 4 Polishing Cloths per 1,000 sq. ft.

Warning: Oil soaked rags must be properly stored and disposed of as they can self-ignite!

Safety Data: Woca Maintenance Paste SDS