WOCA Master Soap Natural, 5-Liter

  • WOCA Master Soap Natural, 5-Liter
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Product Description

Maintain oiled wood flooring with Woca Master Soap, 5L for frequent maintenance.

For commercial use, clean with Woca Master Soap on a weekly basis.

Wash the floor lenghtwise with the wood grain. Use a two bucket system, one bucket for the cleanig solution and a second bucket for clean rinse water.

DO NOT leave any water on the floor. This is very important for good results. Use the minimum amount of water needed. Extremely dirty floors should be cleaned with Woca's Wood Cleaner. Spot clean stains with Wood Cleaner.

DO NOT use a microfiber mop for application. For best results, use the Woca Swep Mop. The fibers on the swep mop are intended for use on the oiled wood floor surface.

Dilution Ratio: 1:40 soap to water. Mix 3/4 cup Woca Master Soap per 2 gallons of water or 1 and a half cups per 4 gallons of water.