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19 inch Microfiber Scrub Mop Pads

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For more aggressive floor cleaning use a microfiber scrubbing mop pad in one of 4 standard color codes. Remove stuck on dirt and scuff marks without being too abrasive for most flooring surfaces. Microfiber scrub pads deliver power and durability with fine srubbing strips that intersperse with absorbent microfiber to clean and lift dirt off of the floor. Pad size is 19 in x 5-1/2 in to fit most 18 inch flat based mops with velcro attachment strips. Commercial-quality scrubber mop pad for residential cleaning or commercial janitorial use. Can be laundered up to 200 times.

Available in 4 colors- blue, red, yellow, green: Blue mop pad: BLUE : GENERAL CLEANING Red mop pad: HIGH-GERM RISK SURFACES (toilets and urinals) Yellow mop pad: FIXTURES, TOUCH SURFACES, low-risk (sinks and mirrors) Green mop pad: FOOD SERVICE

For Use On: Most hard surface and resilient floors. Residential and Commercial floors. Scrubbing strips will scratch some types of floors so, for more sensitive flooring types, use in a small inconspicuous area prior to full use to test for abrasion.

Directions for Use:
Attach to a flat-based mop that has velcro pad attachment. It's easiest to place cleaning pad on the floor, blue side down, then center mop base carefully on pad and press down on mop handle. Mop pad should be larger than mop base.

Use for cleaning floors with especially stubborn spots or scuff marks and pair with an appropriate spray and wipe type of cleaner. Most situations call for cleaner to be sprayed onto floor then mopped however mop pad can be saturated with cleaning solution as called for in some types of commercial floor cleaning programs.

Care Instructions: Machine wash in warm water up to 194 degrees Fahrenheit. Use mild detergent. Mop pad can be washed with bleach when it is used in moderation and only periodically. DO NOT use fabric softener. Can be dried in dryer on low heat up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Air dry for best results and to extend the life of the mop pad.

Mop base and pole assembly sold separately. Cleaning Solution sold separately.
Mop pads are sold individually.

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