Tab Style Flat Mop w/ Telescoping Mop Handle

Tab Style Flat Mop w/ Telescoping Mop HandleTab Style Flat Mop w/ Telescoping Mop Handle
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Product Description

Tab mops are easy to use and essentially a touch-free operation. With a secure threaded lock collar, mop base stays securely on the telescoping pole. The Tab Style Flat Mop w/ Telescoping Mop Handle has a heavy duty, metal mop stick that extends from 42 to 72 inches long allowing for a long, sturdy reach to cover a wide floor area. Length adjustment accommodates users of various sizes with the twist lock that stops at any length in the range.

Tab mop base is 15-1/4 in x 4-3/8 in and accommodates tab style mop pads with a 16 inch tab spread. (mop pad not included) Foot lock provides an easy way to charge and rinse the mop pad during use without bending and without touching the pad to reduce worker strain and prevent spread of germs from dirty mop pads.

For Use In: Commercial and Institutional Facilities.
Works With: Microfiber Tab Mop Covers in blue, red, white, green, or yellow; and with MICRO-TROLLEY2 Double Mop Bucket w/Down Press.

Instructions For Use:
 To assemble, turn locking collar until pole is securely attached to mop base.
 To attach mop pad, pull mop pad tabs under tab holders on each end of the mop. Press tabs down to hold the mop pad firmly in place.
 To rinse and charge pad during floor cleaning, press foot down gently onto the red circular release. Mop will fold allowing rinse and ring in mop bucket. After wringing, put easy downward pressure on mop to allow mop base and pad to spread flat on floor. Press "CLOSE" button, next to red circle release, with foot until it clicks and mop base is ready for mopping. See Illustration:

Mop pads and mop buckets sold separately.