TOLI Vinyl Floor Care

TOLI Vinyl Floor Care
Keep your TOLI flooring in tip-top shape with these TOLI flooring cleaning products and more by top name brands like Hilway Direct, Spartan, Diversey and Dr. Schutz. Designed specifically to help you with the regular maintenance, polishing, spot cleaning and rejuvenation of your TOLI vinyl floors, these TOLI cleaning products are formulated with sensible, non-hazardous materials for an exceptional clean every time. These high-quality and reliable cleaners are uniquely formulated to be tough on dirt but gentle on floors.
Diversey WIWAX Cleaning & Maintenance Emulsion, 1 Gallon
Commercial Floor Care
$54.95, 4/$197.84
Diversey CAREFREE MATTE Floor Finish, 5 Gallon
$204.80, 2/$368.64
Diversey SIGNATURE UHS Floor Finish, 5 Gallon
$255.50, 2/$459.90
Diversey HIGH MILEAGE UHS Floor Finish, 5 Gallon
$212.30, 2/$382.14
Diversey RAINDANCE Low Foam Neutral Floor Cleaner #50 (4389110), 1 Gallon
$22.35, 4/$80.46
This item is no longer available.
Diversey PROFI Floor Cleaner and Grease Remover, 1 Gallon
$43.90, 4/$158.04
Diversey GP FORWARD General Purpose Cleaner, 1 Gallon
$28.40, 4/$102.24
Diversey UHS SC Floor Cleaner, 32 oz Accu-Mix
$29.50, 6/$159.30
Diversey HOT SPRINGS Heavy Duty General Purpose Cleaner (4039110), 1 Gallon
$28.10, 4/$101.16
TOLI Cold Weld Seam Sealer - 4.5 oz. Tube
We have a great selection of TOLI floor cleaners, including cleaners that remove dirt, grease and shoe marks without leaving behind residue, as well as grease removers that are formulated to emulsify dirt quickly. We also offer TOLI floor finishes and strippers that provide a natural, protective barrier and restorative finish to your TOLI floors. If you're looking for great ways to protect your TOLI floors, browse our floor protector products, including heavy-duty felt pads, Gripper pads, clear sleeve floor protectors and more.

If you have any questions about TOLI cleaners or specific manufacturers, we'll be glad to answer all your questions by phone (1-877-FloorGuy) or e-mail ( We take special pride in ensuring that our customer service representatives and staff are experts in floor cleaning solutions.

TOLI is a CBC Flooring Brand, a division of CBC Americas Corp, providing high-performance flooring solutions that carry environmental stewardship through the international brands they distribute in North America.