TOLI Commercial Floor Maintenance Guide

TOLI Commercial Floor Maintenance Guide
Pre-Maintenance Steps for the Newly Installed Floor
Keep all foot traffic off the floor for 12 hours.
Keep furniture, fixtures, and rolling traffic off the floor for 48 hours.
Use plywood or other board when moving heavy objects across the floor.
Remove any adhesive residue with a clean white cloth dampened with mineral spirits. Don't use AFTA.
Wait 72 hours before wet washing and scrubbing the new TOLI floor.
Floor Finish Set Up For the Newly Installed Floor
Sweep or dust mop the floor to remove dirt and grit. Do not use treated dust mops.
Apply Johnson GP Forward Heavy Duty Cleaner to cool water following the instructions on the bottle. Wait 5-10 minutes. Scrub with a 175-rpm machine or auto scrubber. Use a grit scrub brush or a Blue or Green pad. Use scrubbing pads for edges and corners.
Never use a BLACK or a buildup removal pad on unfinished floors. Always wet the pad before use.
Pick up solution with wet-dry vac or auto scrubber making sure floor is dry and free of residue.
Rinse floor with clean water and repeat the process to remove all haze and residue
Inspect scrubbed area. All areas should be uniformly dull. Repeat above steps for any areas that are not dull.
All areas must be completely dry before applying any surface coatings.
Apply three coats of Johnson CareFree Matte Floor Finish. Finish drying time will vary greatly based on humidity.
Routine Maintenance
Sweep or dust mop to remove dirt and grit.
Clean with Johnson Stride Neutal PH CleanerRinse the mop in clean water after each mopping pass to remove picked up soil.
Periodic (weekly - monthly) Maintenance for shine, mark removal, slip resistance and extended wear
Sweep or dust mop the floor to remove dirt and grit.
Restorative Procedure
Sweep or dust mop to remove surface dirt.
Scrub with a 175-rpm swing machine or auto scrubber using Johnson GP Forward Mixed with cool water. Use a green pad. Always wet pad before use. Never use a black pad.
Rinse floor with water and allow to completely dry.
Recoat using two (2) coats of Johnson Care free Matte or Timesaver. Allow each coat to fully dry before applying additional coats.
Preventive Maintenance
Proper Matting System must be in place. Mats should be appropriate for soil load and weather conditions. Use mats
with a non-staining vinyl back
Floor Protectors should be on all furniture legs. 1-inch diameter is recommended.
Window Coverings prevent damage from direct sunlight.
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