Hillyard Green Select Degreaser Cleaner

  • Hillyard Green Select Degreaser Cleaner
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Hillyard Green Select Degreaser Cleaner is no longer available. Use Hillyard Super Grease Buster Cleaner Degreaser

Hillyard Green Select Degreaser Cleaneris an all purpose cleaner to remove greasy residue and buildup on floors and more including commercial kitchen floors, resilient tile flooring and more. Hillyard Green Select Degreaser is efficient and uses environmentally preferred surfactants to lift heavy greasy soil. Formulated for effective cleaning with cold water. Use for cleaning with a mop and 2-bucket system, spray bottle, automatic scrubber or pressure washer. Green Select Degreaser Cleaner by Hillyard is Green Seal Certified.

Concentrated for economical cost-in-use with dilution ratios ranging from 1:64 to 1:21 depending upon the oily or greasy mess that requires light or deep cleaning.

Follow Hillyard dilution instructions and cleaning directions for best cleaning results:
  • LIGHT CLEANING: Dilute 1:64 (2 oz./gallon)
  • NORMAL CLEANING: Dilute 1:32 (4 oz./gallon)
  • HEAVY DUTY CLEANING: Dilute 1:21 (6 oz./gallon)

  • For degreasing and removal of fats, oils, and grease from floors and walls in kitchens, use at a dilution rate of 1:21 (6 oz./gallon). Agitate with stiff brush or moderately aggressive pad.
  • For normal cleaning apply with spray bottle at 1:32 (4 oz./gallon) and wipe dry. For best results use microfiber cloth.
  • To conserve energy always use cold tap water.
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