Grout Gator Tile Brush

  • Grout Gator Tile Brush
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Brand:Grout Gator
This item is no longer available.

Product Description

Grout Gator adjustable brushes cleans tile grout with ease! Grout lines collect dirt and become dingy over time. Grout Gator Tile Brush works on tile up to 13 inches wide with adjustable brushes that can be set to the width of your tile. Grout Gator hand held brush set scrubs the grout cleaner than ever before and it will be done two to three times faster!

Use it on any tiled surface with a long extension handle (sold separately) or with the short handle that comes attached to the brush base.

Grout Gator comes with five adjustable brushes that slide along an integral channel on the Grout Gator base and tighten with attached thumb-turn screws. Includes a short handle for hand-held use on close-up surfaces such as tiled walls.

Featured as one of Whoopie Goldberg's Favorite Things on 'The View':

For Use On: Grout lines on tiled surfaces with up to 13" tiles.

Directions For Use:
  1. Loosen the screws that hold the brushes in place.
  2. Slide the brushes left or right to align with the grout on your tiled floor. Tighten the screws so the brushes stay in place when they align with the grout on your floor. Remove brushes that are not needed and set them aside for future use.
  3. If desired, attach a long handle (not included), for mop-like application or use Grout Gator with the included short handle.
  4. Using a tile cleaner that is recommended for use on your tile floor, spray or mop cleaning solution onto a small area then scrub grout lines with the Grout Gator. Rinse with clean water and a cleaned mop or cloth as needed to remove soil lifted from dirty grout. Continue this process until floor cleaning is completed.
  5. Allow floor to air dry.
Notes: Do not allow traffic on floor until it is completely dry. Wet floors will be slippery.

Extension Pole sold separately.