Grout Gator

Grout Gator
Clean tiles two to four times faster with the incredible Grout Gator Tile Brush and Grout Gator Extension Pole from 1877FloorGuy. Eliminate darkness, dinginess and bacteria from your tile flooring, showers and other stone and tile surfaces with the easy-to-use Grout Gator brush that makes scrubbing and cleaning tiles easier than ever. Pair it with your favorite stone, tile and grout cleaner from our huge selection at 1877FloorGuy for a thorough clean that will make your stone and tile flooring look like new again. The Grout Gator Tile Brush is a top-notch choice for cleaning grout lines on tiled surfaces with various tile sizes. It's very easy to use with its long extension handle that ensures efficient yet thorough tile scrubbing.
Grout Gator Tile Brush
This item is no longer available.
The Grout Gator fits tiles up to 13 inches wide and up to 24 inches with the Grout Gator extender. The Grout Gator Tile Brush comes with five adjustable brushes that slide along an integral channel on the Grout Gator base and tighten with attached thumb-turn screws. It also includes a short handle for hand-held use on close-up surfaces such as tiled walls and showers. You can add the Grout Gator Extension Pole if you need an easy way to add length to your Grout Gator. This accessory allows the handle to extend to 48 inches via a one-piece telescoping handle that screws in for a very firm attachment.

For more information on how to use the Grout Gator, be sure to click on our product pages to see videos and demonstrations. Whoopi Goldberg named the Grout Gator one of her favorite things on ABC's "The View."