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A little bit of planning and care can save a lot of hassle and trouble. The floor protectors, slides and mats available from 1877FloorGuy are small and inexpensive but can offer security and protection for you, your guests and family as well as your floors. These simple protectors, slides and mats available from 1877FloorGuy not only protect your hardwood and other floors as well as your carpets from spills, scratches and scrapes. They help keep pets, guests and everyone else from tracking dirt and mud across your beautiful floors. In addition, they will protect you, your family and guests from slips, falls and even ugly germs.
Our selection of floor protectors, slides and mats includes furniture floor protectors, furniture slides and glides, entry door mats and antimicrobial safety mats. All of these are available at affordable prices via secure shopping online at with fast, next-day shipping.

Our selection of floor mats is suitable for commercial, industrial and government uses as well as for residential users who want the utmost in hygiene. They include mats for wet area use that can be put under sinks, in bathrooms, in locker rooms or in any other places where you're seeking to deter nasty mold, mildew, fungus, bacteria and other ill-smelling, bad-looking health-threats.

Our entry door mats trap up to 90 percent of dirt, moisture, snow and other outdoor debris that would otherwise be tracked in across your beautiful floor or carpet. These commercial-grade mats are tough and durable but good looking and suitable for commercial or residential use.

Furniture slides and glides are a must for moving heavy furniture, while floor protectors from 1877FloorGuy attach easily to your furniture's legs and bases to keep them from marring hard-surface floors and snagging and pulling on carpets. In addition to saving your hardwood floors, these protectors also deter that irritating, grating, fingernails-across-a-blackboard noise of furniture scraping against a hard surface when someone moves a chair.

If you have any questions about which furniture protectors, slides or mats would work best for your situation, just give us a call at our toll-free phone number or drop us an email. You'll get fast, free and friendly advice from the flooring experts at 1877FloorGuy.