Capture Carpet Care Facts

Capture Carpet Care Facts
Capture Carpet Cleaning System by Milliken & Company is a full line of carpet cleaning products great for cleaning spots, spills, and stains on synthetic and wool carpets and rugs.

Why Use Capture?
  • Removes dirt, stains and allergens from carpet without damaging the fiber or its stain-resistant finish.
  • Safe for use on wool rugs.
  • Less expensive than renting a steam cleaner or hiring a professional carpet cleaning service.
  • Fast and easy four-step process cleans quickly and without scrubbing.
  • Non-toxic. Safe to use in homes with kids and pets.
  • Reduces allergens in carpets 70-percent more than vacuuming alone according to tests conducted by Johns Hopkins University.

  • How Does it Work?
  • Spray Soil Release Pre-Mist to loosen the stain and prepare the surface for cleaning.
  • Sprinkle Deep Cleaning Powder over the area. The powder contains thousands of porous particles that look and act much like tiny sponges. These particles absorb the dirt, odors and allergens trapped in the carpet.
  • Brush the powder into the carpet to activate the cleaning powder. Carpet does not require scrubbing to remove stains.
  • After 30 minutes vacuum up the powder.
  • Result is a clean, healthier carpet.

  • What Products are Available?
  • Total Care Kit includes everything needed to clean carpet, for a stained area or an entire room: a bottle of Soil Release Pre-Mist, Deep Cleaning Powder and an application brush. Note: One pound of of Capture Cleaning Powder cleans approximately 100 square feet. All cleaning products in this kit can also be purchased separately.
  • Capture Carpet Spot & Stain Remover and Capture Carpet Pet Stain & Odor Neutralizer for quick clean-up of most stain-causing messes on carpet from pets, spills and dirty shoes.
  • For oil or grease stains use Capture Carpet Spot eliminator.