How to Brighten Faded Carpet and Rugs

How to Brighten Faded Carpet and Rugs
If you've noticed that your carpet or rugs look a little dingy, don't immediately jump to the conclusion that they need replacing. Brightening up faded carpet is simpler than you might expect when you have the proper carpet-brightening products and cleaning tools. Carpeting fades over time due to excess exposure to dirt, foot traffic, sun, heat and temperature fluctuations, so the best thing you can do to prevent carpet and rug fading is to implement a carpet maintenance program that prevents the floors from degrading over time. When that doesn't work, follow these suggestions.
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How do you brighten faded carpets and rugs?

If you believe that your carpet looks shabby and faded due to long-term dirt buildup and improper care, you may simply need to give your carpets a deep clean to remove this buildup. If you believe that color loss occurred as a result of exposure to color removers like bleach and other cleaning solutions, it is possible to re-dye your carpet.

Don't ever oversaturate the carpet with moisture; if you need to use a spot treatment solution, simply apply small amounts of liquid at a time. Let the solution dry thoroughly and then use Host Dry Carpet Cleaner or another dry carpet cleaning system to revitalize carpet fibers that have faded due to dirt or dust buildup.

In some cases, your carpeting may have serious color loss that has occurred as a result of exposure to color removers like bleach and other cleaning solutions. In these cases, it is possible to have your carpet re-dyed - especially when you're dealing with high-value Oriental rugs and other specialty rugs that may be heirlooms - but you may be best off replacing the carpet instead. There are DIY carpet dyes out there, but we don't recommend them for people who are not professional carpet restorers. Stick to reliable carpet cleaning brands like Urine Off, Host, Mohawk, Nylac, Capture and Shaw when shopping for carpet cleaning products.

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