How to Remove Pet Fur from Carpet

How to Remove Pet Fur from Carpet
How to Remove Pet Fur from Carpet

Pets are no-doubt a part of our family, but they can come at a cost to our floors. There are a few simple ways besides vacuuming to remove pet fur from carpet. 1877FloorGuy is on hand to help you keep your floors looking good as new, even if the carpet or rug is Fido's favorite lounging spot. Keeping pet fur out of carpet is important to the health of your pet and your carpet. Carpeting is, after all, one of the most hospitable places for fleas and other parasites to live. Keeping your carpet clean will help you avoid flea infestation and preserve your expensive flooring investment at the same time.

Obviously, an important facet of proper carpet pet hair removal is regularly vacuuming. If you can get away with it, daily vacuuming will really help you keep your rugs and carpeting from pet fur buildup. Twice or three-times weekly vacuuming is recommended for even a single pet. Invest in a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner, preferably a pet-specific vacuum, in order to keep your carpets fur-free. Training your cat or dog to use his or her own lounge space, such as a blanket or a pet bed, will also help deter them from making the carpeting their regular resting place. Additionally, regular brushing and grooming will prevent loose fur that accumulates on the carpet.

Although we never recommend using homemade cleaners for any reason, you can use a water-dampened sponge mop - damp, not saturated, is the key - to remove surface pet fur from water-resistant carpeting. To remove deeply set pet fur from rugs, you can remove and shake them out once every few months to loosen the pet fur from the grip of the rug's fibers. Once you've successfully removed surface fur, a deep vacuum clean will successfully extract the pieces of fur that have been nesting within the rug's fibers.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

We always recommend dry carpet cleaning for homes with pets. Safe, non-toxic and pet-friendly carpet cleaners like Host Dry Carpet Cleaner are a must for pet fur removal. Host uses a unique dry carpet cleaning powder to penetrate the fibers of your carpeting and lift dirt, debris and pet fur from within the fibers. Once you've successfully applied Host or another dry carpet cleaning product, you'll be able to perform a more thorough vacuum that pulls out all of those stubborn pet hairs. Plus, these products will also attack pet-related stains and odors as they work. If you have heavy-duty pet urine odors, add Urine Off to your cleaning and maintenance program.

Questions? 1877FloorGuy is always available to answer any questions you may have about our carpet cleaning products. Reach out to us via phone, e-mail or our handy contact form to get quick, expert answers to every single one of your floor care questions. It's what makes us a favorite floor care provider among home- and business-owners.

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