How to Maintain Clean Carpet

How to Maintain Clean Carpet
How to Maintain Clean Carpet

After you've just spent hours vacuuming and deep-cleaning your carpet, it can be frustrating to see it get dirty again. Follow 1877FloorGuy's tips to learn how maintaining clean carpet can help protect your flooring investment and keep your home looking clean and fresh. We'll help you decide how often to vacuum, what carpet cleaning methods are best and which products are recommended for regular carpet spot cleaning.

Assess the Traffic - The reason some carpeting get dirtier faster than others is due to the room's foot traffic. In high-traffic rooms, more dirt and debris will be tracked in and will then fall into the carpet pile. Using a high-quality vacuum that you know is thoroughly pulling up dirt particles, vacuum according to the suggestions below.οΎ 

  • High-Traffic Rooms: Daily
  • Homes with Pets: Daily
  • Commercial Spaces: Daily
  • Medium and Low-Traffic Rooms: Weekly

If vacuuming daily seems unrealistic, that's okay. Simply make sure you spend an extra ten or fifteen minutes vacuuming when you do get the time. Remember, vacuuming your floors doesn't count as carpet cleaning. It simply lays the groundwork for your more thorough clean and prevents excessive dirt buildup and damage. You'll really need to implement a deep cleaning and spot cleaning system to ensure that your carpets remain truly clean and refreshed.

Use Dry Carpet Cleaners - Dry carpet cleaning is the preferred method for carpet maintenance. This is because, unlike steam cleaning or wet cleaning, dry cleaning doesn't cause the carpet pile to become crunchy. A lot of carpets have soil-resistant chemicals in them to achieve the stain-resistant properties they have, and to allow spills to wipe up more easily. Every time water gets in the pile with a steam cleaner, it takes out some of those stain-resistant properties so the carpet becomes more vulnerable to getting dirtier quicker. 1877FloorGuy recommends using a dry-cleaning product, such as Capture, and always avoiding using water or wet cleaners on carpet.

Spot Clean Regularly - Formulate a spot-cleaning plan for unexpected accidents. If you've got kids, pets or clumsy houseguests, it's essential that you're armed with a carpet spot cleaner to ensure that spills don't turn into stains. You always want to blot stains and never rub them in order to deter the stain from setting deeper. Stock up on Spot Shot Instant Carpet Stain Remover or Shaw TOTAL CARE Environmentally Friendly Carpet Stain & Soil Remover to have an easy-to-apply spray carpet cleaner close by in the event of accidents. These cleaners will help you remove pet stains, beverage spills, food stains, grease stains, wine stains and much more. When spot cleaning, always test products in a small, inconspicuous area before use to make sure your carpets are colorfast.

Remember, you can always contact 1877FloorGuy directly if you have any questions regarding the carpet cleaning products we offer. We monitor all e-mails and phone calls daily to ensure that our customers get quick, thorough answers to their floor cleaning questions.

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