Proper Area Rug Cleaning

Proper Area Rug Cleaning
Whether you want to revitalize an intricate Oriental heirloom or need to deep clean a stained area rug in a child's room, there's a rug-cleaning technique that will help you get your area rug back to tip-top shape.
Deep cleaning: A regular rug deep clean is essential for keeping your area rugs free from long-term soil buildup that can lead to dingy, damaged and fading rugs. You'll want to perform a deep clean on your area rugs at least once every few months using a rug carpet cleaning system that won't expose the fibers to excess moisture.

Products to consider: The Host Dry Carpet & Rug Cleaning Kit is perfect for routine deep rug cleans. It comes with a handy shaker pack that dispenses the dry carpet cleaner evenly over your rug plus Host Spot Remover and a carpet brush.

Spot cleaning: Accidents happen, and sometimes a full-on floor clean isn't necessary to refresh carpets. You always want to keep a quality rug spot cleaner on hand to zero-in on spot stains caused by pets, grease, food or drink. Remember to never saturate your rugs with cleaner, but to lightly spray the product on and then gently work it in with a carpet brush or blot with a white cloth as directed.

Products to consider: Mohawk makes a handy carpet cleaning kit - the Mohawk FloorCare Essentials Carpet Care Kit - that includes a formula that can be directly sprayed onto stain-resistant and wool-safe rugs to eradicate mud, juice, soft drinks, food stains and more without leaving behind soapy residue.

Getting rid of foul odors: Stinky rugs are truly one of the worst things a homeowner can face. Refresh deep-seated odors in your rugs using professional-caliber rug-cleaning products - and, in some cases, a carpet cleaning machine - with formulas targeting the exact offending odor.

Products to consider: If you are looking for products to refresh smelly area rugs, consider using a spray bottle with Odorcide. Odorcide makes formulas for eradicating cigarette smoke, fire and flood damage and more. Treat stubborn pet odors on your area rugs using Urine Off to refresh your pet's favorite rug.

What are some tips for clean an area rug?
  1. Thoroughly read the packaging and instructions on rug cleaners before using to make sure the product is recommended for use with your rug's fiber
  2. Shake out your rug and then thoroughly vacuum before applying deep-cleaning products
  3. Always test cleaning products in a small area before applying to the entire rug, especially to valuable oriental rugs and wool carpeting
  4. Beat the rug before and after cleanings - once the rug has completely dried - to ensure that dried soil is entirely released from the carpet fibers
  5. Add extra cleaner to areas that see heavy foot traffic and a smaller quantity of cleaner to areas that are hidden by furniture
  6. Rotate the rug every year to give each portion its fair share of foot traffic and sunlight
  7. For serious stains, apply a pre-treatment before implementing a deep clean