Armstrong S-310 Roll Strong Adhesive - 1 Gal

  • Armstrong S-310 Roll Strong Adhesive - 1 Gal
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Mfr. Part No:FP00310108

Product Description

Armstrong S-310 Roll Strong Adhesive, 1-gallon, is a roller-applied flooring adhesive for use with commerical or residential Armstrong LVT floors. Floors installed with S310 Adhesive are ready for normal traffic and rolling loads immediately after installation. Use Armstrong S-310 for installation of LVT when substrate probe results do not exceed 90% RH, and pH readings are between 8 - 10. Solvent-free flooring adhesive. No VOCs.
  • Strong, early grab
  • Moisture & Alkali resistant
  • Ammonia-free
  • Low odor
  • Suitable for heavy rolling loads
  • Allows for immediate traffic
  • Also available in a 4-gallon pail
Successful bond on all grade levels of concrete, existing resilient floors, ceramic, terrazzo, marble, polymeric poured floors, suspended wood, properly mixed and applied powder underlayment and embossing levelers, primed gypsum, subfloors with radiant heat where surface temperature does not exceed 85°F. Read full S-310 Product Data Sheet for additional subfloor requirements and for conditions, such as excessive moisture or alkali, that are not conducive to using S310 Roll Strong adhesive.
  • Single coat required.
  • Apply with 3/8-inch nap paint roller.
  • Coverage is 350 - 400 square feet per gallon.
  • Open time is approx 15 min +; until dry to touch.
  • Working time is up to 4-hours and dependent upon site conditions.
  • Shelf life - 2 years unopened container.
  • DO NOT Freeze. NOT freeze/thaw stable. Store indoors between 65°-95°F.
  • Clean tools wet with neutral detergent and water or dry with mineral spirits.
  • Safety Data Sheet for Armstrong S-310 Roll Strong Adhesive
Installation Guidelines:
  • Acclimate the area to be installed, adhesive, and flooring to minimum 65°F (18°C) for 48 hours before, during, and for 48 hours after installation. HVAC must be in operation.
  • Subfloor must be smooth, sound, dry, clean, and free of dirt, wax, polish, paint, and all other foreign matter which may interfere in a good bond, including curing agents and sealers.
  • Damp mop substrate prior to application.
  • Always run a moisture and alkali test over concrete on any grade level or on any other substrate over, on, or below grade concrete. For accurate results, curing agents must be removed in areas where tests will be run.
  • Apply S310 Adhesive with a roll-on application method using a medium nap roller to a smooth, even, fully spread coating. Spread rate and dry time will depend on the porosity and texture of the substrates, ambient temperature and relative humidity. Keep paint roller wet during application. Do not apply pressure to roller, letting it to freely roll over the substrate. ADHESIVE COVERAGE MUST NOT EXCEED 400 sq ft per gallon. Overly absorbent or rough substrates will require two coat application. Once the coating has dried, it must be kept clean and apart from any contact with other surfaces until ready to begin the bonding process. Do not spread more adhesive than can be covered with LVT in 4 hours.
  • Once the S-310 Roll Strong adhesive has dried, install LVT as recommended. LVT can be repositioned as necessary prior to applying pressure. After completion of the installation, roll the entire floor in both directions with 100 lb. roller to achieve a full contact bond.
  • Normal traffic and rolling loads may be allowed as soon as the installation, finishing and clean-up are complete.