Armstrong S-288 Flooring Adhesive - 4 Gal Pail

  • Armstrong S-288 Flooring Adhesive - 4 Gal Pail
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Product Description

Armstrong Flooring S-288 Adhesive, in a 4-Gallon pail, is nonflammable, ammonia-free & low odor; contains low or no organic solvents, contains no reportable hazardous substance (per current regulations). Use S-288 to install Armstrong Commercial and Residential LVT and Vinyl Sheet floors. Floor is ready for use immediately following installation. Moisture and alkali resistant. Quick grab with strong bond. Full spread. Excellent bond on porous and non-porous substrates. Trowel application with notch size will depend upon the flooring material being installed. Trowel notch details are on the Armstrong S288 Product Data Sheet. Adhesive coverage will range, based upon trowel notch size.

S-288 is a water-based rubber resin adhesive. For safety & precaution information read Armstrong S-288 Flooring Adhesive Safety Data Sheet.

Use Information for Armstrong S-288 Flooring Adhesive:
  • Substrates: All grade levels of concrete, existing resilient floors, ceramic, terrazzo, marble, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, polymeric poured floors and suspended wood.
  • Use with Armstrong Floors: CushionStep Vinyl Sheet, StrataMax, Natural Living, Natural Personality, Alterna Engineered Tile, Natural Creations Commercial LVT, Fiberglass-Reinforced Sheet Flooring, ToughGuard II, Residential LVT Planks, Rigid Core Planks.
  • Moisture Reading Thresholds: CACL MVER Limit 5lbs/1000sf for vinyl sheet; 8lbs/1000sf for LVT; 90% RH for vinyl sheet; 95% RH for LVT.
  • Coverage/Spread Rate: With fine notch trowel: 220-260 sq ft/gallon; With u-notch trowel: 250-300 sq ft/gallon.
  • Open Time: Porous substrate- set in wet: min 10-20 minutes; Nonporous substrate- dry to touch: 30 minutes or more.
  • Working Time: Up to 1-hour dependent upon job conditions, substrate, temperature and humidity.
  • Clean Up: Wet- neutral detergent and water; Dry- mineral spirits.
  • Shelf Life: 2 years unopened.
  • Freeze-thaw Stable: to 10°F (-12°C).
  • S-288 Flooring Adhesive can be purchased in two additional sizes: 1-Quart & 1-Gallon.