Woca Patina Disk, 6-inch diameter

Woca Patina Disk, 6-inch diameterZoom
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Reusable 6-inch patina discs have a polishing grit that speeds up application of Woca Diamond Oil or Woca Master Oil and yields an extremely soft, smooth finished wood surface. Woca Patina Discs are 6-inches in diameter. Use two or three patina discs on a polishing pad. Each patina disk has a special polishing grit on one side to smooth the floor and work the oil into the wood and the other side is velcro to attach to a polishing pad on a swing machine. To use Woca Patina Discs for multiple Woca Oil applications, clean the discs with mineral spirits and rinse with water after each use.

When used under a green, red or white polishing pad, Woca Patina Discs will deliver an silky soft oiled wood flooring surface and will speed up the process of working the oil into the prepared wood floor.

Place 2 or 3 Patina Disks opposite each other under a green, red or white polishing pad on a floor polishing swing machine to work Woca Diamond or Master Oil into the wood. Properly clean or dispose of rags, pads and discs according to Woca guidelines.

One disk per package.