AQUA MIX NanoScrub - Quart

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Aqua Mix NanoScrub - Quart
Mfr. Part No:100978-4
Brand:Aqua Mix
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Product Description

NanoScrub MSDS

AQUA MIX NANOSCRUB® is an abrasive cream cleaner designed to work where other cleaners won't. It utilizes NanoSTG™ (nano-sized particles) to penetrate into small surface pores where it can effectively work to remove surface stains and residues. Effective for cleaning all stone and tile surfaces. Also removes factory applied waxes and floor finishes, coating sealers, light grout residue (including epoxy), rubber and pencil marks, light mineral deposits, ground-in dirt and most sealer residues. NanoScrub® is nontoxic, non-flammable and non-acidic.
Aqua Mix No VOC (Volatile Organic Compound Formulas) help provide better indoor and outdoor air quality compared to similar traditional products.

USES: Porcelain, ceramic, polished and unpolished natural stone (such as granite, limestone, marble, slate, and travertine), grout, quarry, saltillo, terra cotta, cement pavers, masonry surfaces, and other stone, tile and grout surfaces.

1) Read entire label before beginning. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING.
2) Sweep, vacuum, or dust surface to remove any loose debris.
3) Pre-wet surface with a liberal amount of water.
4) Apply NanoScrub® directly to the pre-wet surface.
5) Agitate with a white nylon pad, scrub brush or scrub machine.
6) Mop or wet vac up residue.
7) Rinse thoroughly with clean water.

NanoScrub® can be used as a power booster, with Heavy-Duty Tile & Grout Cleaner, Stone Deep Clean, or 1&2 Deep Clean mixed according to directions. Apply chosen product to surface, add NanoScrub® and agitate mixture. Continue to follow directions on the chosen product making sure a clean water rinse is the final step to remove any remaining residue.

COVERAGE: Approximately 200 to 2,000 sq. ft. (19 m2 to 200 m2) per gallon (3.8 L).