LONBUFF Spray Buff Floor Maintenance for LONSEAL Vinyl- Gallon

  • LONBUFF Spray Buff Floor Maintenance for LONSEAL Vinyl- Gallon
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Product Description

LONBUFF, 1 gallon.

LONBUFF is designed to Clean and Restore Glossy Acrylic, Polymer or Urethane finished floors in one easy step. LONBUFF will remove dirt, marks and grime while repairing scuffs and abrasions. For use with a low speed floor machine and contact pad as part of a spray buffing floor maintenance. Used in conjunction with LONSEAL's recommended flooring maintenance program, LONBUFF will revitalize and extend the life of your resilient sheet vinyl flooring.

  • Economical method to clean and restore a large area of resilient vinyl flooring.
  • Repairs scuffs and abraisions to restore shine to the floor's finish.
  • Prolongs the life of the floor.

  • Areas of Use
    For use in: Restaurants, Hotels, Office Buildings, Hospitals, Health Care Facilities, Schools, Universities, Child Care Centers, Grocery Stores, Retail Establishments.

    Directions For Use
    1. Pour LONBUFF into an automatic or manual sprayer. Spray a fine mist over a small area to be cleaned (about 5 feet at a time).
    2. Immediately buff sprayed area with a low speed machine equipped with a contact pad until clean and dry. Change contact pads when they get clogged.
    3. Once the surface is clean and completely dry, dry buff with a contact pad on a low speed machine to enhance the luster.

    Average Coverage: 4,500 sf/gallon

    Refer to product label and Lonseal's Technical Manual for Interior Flooring Products for complete instructions and information prior to use.