How to Care for Linoleum Floors

How to Care for Linoleum Floors
How to Care for Linoleum Floors

Linoleum flooring is a preferred flooring material because it's naturally wear-resistant and low-maintenance. Still, keeping your linoleum floors looking their best requires a specific cleaning and maintenance strategy that should be guided by your unique linoleum floor brand and type. 1877FloorGuy is happy to help you learn how to care for linoleum floors the right way using the appropriate linoleum floor care products recommended by industry experts. Proper linoleum care comes down to regular sweeping, damp mopping and the occasional finish and scuff removal product application.

Linoleum Floor Cleaners: Which is Best for You?

Finding the right linoleum floor cleaner is an important part of developing a well-oiled linoleum floor care plan. The bottom line is this: different linoleum floor brands and linoleum floor types require different cleaners. The best course of action is to reference your flooring manufacturer's maintenance instructions for specific cleaners. 1877FloorGuy supplies brand-specific linoleum cleaners for Forbo, Tarkett and Armstrong floors.

Even if these are the flooring brands you have in your home, it's still important to reference care instructions before application, as many brands offer different cleaning suggestions for different types of linoleum and linoleum flooring lines. In most cases, a gentle and neutral-pH cleaner will be required for linoleum floor cleaning. Failing to properly follow manufacturer's instructions could result in a voided warranty, so we can't stress this enough!

Finishing Linoleum Floors

Linoleum floors do require occasional finishing, which you can do with the appropriate linoleum finishes and sealers from 1877FloorGuy. Finishing and sealing linoleum floors helps keep your flooring looking its best while providing an added layer of protection against scuffs, scratches, dents and staining. Once-a-year finishing may be sufficient for medium-traffic residential environments, while commercial spaces will require finishing every three to six months. Always carefully follow instructions on the finish's label and your manufacturer's floor care instruction manual.

Finishing linoleum floors should always be done only with floor care products designed specifically for linoleum. For commercial linoleum finishing, Diversey products may be a good fit, depending on your unique flooring type. Many linoleum floor manufacturers offer their own specific finishing products as well. As with any floor care product, we always recommend testing finishes and sealers in a small, inconspicuous area - such as beneath a rug or in a corner - before applying to the whole floor.

Quick Linoleum Floor Care Tips

  • Never use high-alkalinity or abrasive cleaners on linoleum
  • Use furniture floor protectors and walk-off mats to prevent scratching
  • Only damp mop linoleum floors; Do not saturate with liquid
  • Test cleaners in an inconspicuous area before applying to the whole floor
  • Sweep or vacuum daily in high-traffic areas
  • Always wipe up spills immediately to avoid moisture accumulation and staining
  • If you have un-waxed linoleum, you can remove scuff marks with PolyCare Scuff Remover and other linoleum scuff removal products
  • Never use homemade cleaners to treat linoleum flooring

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