forbo hydrogen peroxide cleaner, quart (COMMERCIAL USE)

  • forbo hydrogen peroxide cleaner, quart (COMMERCIAL USE)
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Product Description

Destroy odors and stains on Forbo commercial flooring- Forbo Flotex and Coral only -with oxidizing power of hydrogen peroxide in a specially focused cleaning agent. Forbo Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner, in a one quart bottle, is a super concentrated formula that is intended for use in a carpet extractor to lift stains, thoroughly clean and deodorize Flotex hygienic textile flooring and Coral entrance area matting systems. This specialized floor care product is a safer option for effective stain removal on specific hybrid-carpet Forbo floors. Features low-toxicity and low-VOCs. Color safe on the specified Forbo flooring materials.

  • Color-safe bleaching action
  • Biodegradeable
  • For detailed safety information, Forbo Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner SDS
  • Highly concentrated cleanser, DILUTE according to product label instructions.

Directions for Use:

  1. Dilute 1 ounce cleaner per 1 gallon hot water in a carpet extractor.
  2. Apply solution to floor and extract thoroughly. Multiple passes may be required.
  3. For faster drying time, follow the extraction with 1 - 2 dry passes.
  4. Allow floor to dry completely.
No longer available in 1-gallon bottle. FOR COMMERCIAL USE.