Caddy Clean Mixed Scrub Pads - 10 pack

Caddy Clean Mixed Scrub Pads - 10 packZoom
Brand:Caddy Clean
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Product Description

A complete replacement set of scrubbing pads for the compact powerful Caddy Clean Scrubbing Machine. This 10 pack of abrasive pads is the same set that is included with the Caddy Clean Starter Kit. Each available pair of pads is designed to clean, strip, buff, scrub or polish at different strengths. There are two of each pad color included.

The pair of white pads are the softest for cleaning sensitive floors and surfaces including rubber and linoleum floors. Red pads are the next level and can sometimes be used to scrub difficult stains from natural stone, rubber or linoleum however you should try them in an out of the way spot to check for damage before using red scrub pads on the entire floor. Red scrub pads are also used for spray buffing and light floor finish removal. The pair of red scrubbing pads is appropriate for cleaning on luxury vinyl plank and tile, sheet vinyl, non-pvc floors and many other resilient flooring surfaces. For hard to remove grime on vinyl flooring and other durable surfaces, use the green scrubbing pads. Heavy duty cleaning and tough floor finish stripping jobs may need the more abrasive blue or black Caddy Clean scrubber pads providing the surface will not be damaged by the roughness of these pads.

All of the pads in the multi ten-pack of Caddy Clean abrasive scrubbing pads are also sold in 10-packs of each color - white, red, green, blue or black pads.